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Workshop on Combinatorics, Probability and Algorithms

May 5 - 23, 2003

Centre de recherches mathématiques
Université de Montréal
Pavilon André-Aisenstadt
Salle 6214 du 6e étage
Montréal (Québec) Canada

Organizers: David Avis (McGill), Luc Devroye (McGill), Bruce A. Reed (McGill)


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Description of the workshop

Leave nothing to chance. This cliché embodies the common belief that randomness has no place in well-planned methodologies, every i should be dotted and every t should be crossed. In discrete mathematics, at least, nothing could be further from the truth. Introducing random choices into algorithms can improve their performance. The application of probabilistic tools has led to the resolution of combinatorial problems which have resisted attack for decades. A month-long concentration period will take place around this general theme. Lecturers at the school will introduce participants to a number of weapons, mostly from the probabilistic arsenal, and their applications in combinatorics and in the study of algorithms. We anticipate a significant amount of collaboration between participants at the school during the month.


V. Chvatal (Rutgers), A. Frieze (Carnegie-Mellon), G. Lugosi (Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona), C. McDiarmid (Oxford), M. Molloy (Toronto), J. Pach (City College New York and Hungarian Academy of Sciences), ainsi que des conférences de N. Alon (Technion). Aisenstadt Chair speakers are L. Lovàsz (Microsoft Research) and E. Szemeredi (Rutgers).

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Support is available for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows attending this event. A request for funds must be accompanied by a reference letter from the student's research director and a C.V. Please send your application for financial aid by March 31, 2003 to:

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