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We wish to acknowledge The National Science Foundation (NSF) for their contribution (NSF grant DMS-0339017).

Workshop on the Cauchy Problem for the Einstein Equations

September 24 - 28, 2003

Centre de recherches mathématiques,
Université de Montréal
Montréal (Québec), Canada

Felix Finster (Universität Regensburg, Lehrstuhl für Mathematik I), Niky Kamran (McGill University)


A number of major advances have been achieved over the past few years in the analysis of the Cauchy problem in general relativity. These include the proof of the non-linear stability of Minkowski space, the proof of the Riemannian Penrose conjecture and the rigorous description of the asymptotic behavior at infinity of the admissible Cauchy data. This workshop will bring together some of the key players who have been involved in these developments, and will provide an opportunity for exploring some of the remaining open problems.
The workshop will be preceeded by two short courses
given by A. Ashtekar (Penn State) and G. Huisken (MPI Golm). 

Invited participants

A. Butscher (Toronto) (*), M.W. Choptuik (UBC), P. Chrusciel (Tours) (*), J. Corvino (Brown), H. Friedrich (MPI Golm), G. Galloway (Miami), J. Isenberg (Oregon), J. Kijowski (Warsaw), J. Lewandowski (Warsaw), E.T. Newman (Pittsburgh), F. Nicolo (Roma), D. Pollack (Washington), H. Schmid (Regensburg). 

(*) to be confirmed

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July 21, 2003