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The next round of workshop and conference proposals are due September 15, 2015.

News from the Annual General Meeting

We’re pleased to announce that Nancy Reid begins her term as Director of CANSSI. Mary Thompson takes on a new role as Associate Director for Ontario. John Braun is the new Deputy Director of CANSSI.

The Associate Directors are now William Welch (BC/AB), Alexandre Leblanc (SK/MB), Mary Thompson (ON), Erica Moodie (QC), and Hugh Chipman (Atlantic). A new Board of Directors was elected at the AGM. For the first time, the Board includes two institutional member representatives, Jiguo Cao from Simon Fraser University and Liqun Wang from University of Manitoba.

CANSSI-sponsored prizes at the SSC Student Conference

Mohammad Ehsanul Karim SSC Statistics on Reels Student Winner

Mohammad Ehsanul Karim of UBC receives the Statistics on Reels Participation Award for his film entitled “The Performance of Statistical Learning Approaches to Construct Inverse Probability Weights in Marginal Structural Cox Models: A Simulation-based Comparison”. (Photo credit: Peter Macdonald)

Keelin Greenlaw SSC Student Conference Best Paper

Keelin Greenlaw of UVic (4th from the right) receives the CANSSI-sponsored Best Paper Award entitled “Empirical Bayes Multivariate Group-Sparse Regression for Brain Imaging”. (Photo credit: Peter Macdonald)

The purpose of CANSSI is to advance research in the statistical sciences in Canada by attracting new researchers to the field, increasing the points of contact among researchers nationally and internationally, and providing assistance to collaborations with other disciplines and organizations.

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