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Day dedicated to Yvan Sain-Aubin
October 6, 2022

Following the announcement of his retirement, the CRM wishes to highlight the important contribution of Yvan Saint-Aubin to the university and scientific community throughout his career during a day in his honour that will take place on October 6, 2022 as part of the thematic semester “Integrable systems, exactly solvable models and algebras”.

Professor at the Université de Montreal since 1984, Yvan Saint-Aubin quickly made a remarkable progress in mathematical physics and also in teaching and popularizing mathematics. 

Recipient of many research grants, his research in mathematics focuses on methods of group theory applied to physics, particularly classical and quantum integrable models including algebraic methods for lattice models in statistical physics.

Yvan Saint-Aubin's contribution to the training of student is exemplary in many ways, having supervised over the years some thirty undergraduate students during summer research internships and more than thirty graduate students. An exceptional professor, many of the students he has supervised during his career describe him as an excellent mentor, sharing his passion and rigour, in his classes and private discussion. His accomplishments include, among others, the Prix en enseignement in 1992 from the Université de Montréal, the Prix d’excellence en enseignement 2011 from the Canadian Mathematical Society. In addition to these awards, he received the 2009 Adrien-Pouliot Award from the Association de mathématiques du Québec in recognition of his outstanding contributions to mathematics education for the publication of the book Mathemtaics and Technology, written jointly with his colleague Christiane Rousseau. This book, translated into several languages, is considered a gold mine of mathematical applications, applications that are both current readily accessible.

Finally, let us also highlight his remarkable commitment to the popularization of mathematics by proposing lectures in several Cégeps and colleges in Quebec, addressing the most astonishing themes, including "Archaeology and mathematics" and "On an etching by Escher". Proof that mathematics is everywhere….