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Éva Tardos

Jacob Gould Schurman Professor,Department of Computer Science, Cornell University

Série de conférences de la Chaire Aisenstadt

Première conférence

17 janvier 2020, 14 h

Pavillon André-Aisenstadt, salle 6214/6254

"Learning in Games" Vidéo de la conférence

Selfish behavior can often lead to suboptimal outcome for all participants, a phenomenon illustrated by many classical examples in game theory. Over the last decade we developed good understanding on how to quantify the impact of strategic user behavior on the overall performance in many games (including traffic routing as well as online auctions). In this talk we will focus on games where players use a form of learning that helps them adapt to the environment, and consider two closely related questions: What are broad classes of learning behaviors that guarantee high social welfare in games, and are these results robust to situations when game or the population of players is dynamically changing.

Deuxième conférence

Une deuxième conférence aura lieu à l'autome 2021. Détails à suivre