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(To be held on-line)

Workshop on Serre weights conjectures and geometry of Shimura varieties

Videos of the presentations are available here.

This conference is dedicated to studying recent advancements concerning Serre weights conjectures and the geometry of Shimura varieties and, in particular, the interaction between these two areas.

Due to the pandemic, this conference will be held completely on-line. To facilitate participation by people in multiple time zones all lectures will be given between 11:00 to 15:00 Montreal time EST (the Zoom meeting will open at 10:30, and on the first day information about the special semester and the workshop will be provided). For the same reason all talks will be recorded and we hope to be able to supply the links to the recordings every afternoon, shortly after the program concludes. We are grateful to the speakers for granting us permission to do so. Please refer to the program tab for more details.

Registration for the event is free, but mandatory. There is a certain limit on the number of people we can accommodate, so if you are turned away, please accept our apologies; we offer the recordings of the talks as a small consolation.

When registering you will be asked to supply both an academic email address and a URL of your website. This is for security purposes and we ask for your cooperation. If either of these are not available, just provide your regular email and in the field for your website’s URL write "not available".

A few days before the beginning of conference you will receive by email the zoom links and passwords that will allow you to participate. Currently we are aiming to send this information on August 27 and, for late registrations, on the morning of August 31. Please do not share the Zoom link information and password with anyone else; all participants must register and they will receive the information directly from the CRM.

Hoping for a large turnout, we ask all participants to respect the following code of conduct:

- To the extent possible, leave your questions to the end of the talk. Only if you feel it is essential to clarify a point during the talk, raise your hand and wait for permission from the Chair.

- The Chat will be open and unmoderated, but abuse will not tolerated. (Not that we expect any!)

- The Chair for the session will provide permission to ask questions (again, preferably, at the end of the talk) by noting that a participant raised their hand.

- Do not share the Zoom link information with anyone.

Finally, certain technical aspects of the conference are still being thought-out and options are checked, so visit this page again for further information. Inquiries can be sent to webinaires@CRM.UMontreal.CA