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Special semester on Cohomology in Arithmetic, Fall 2020

Homological tools and ideas are pervasive in number theory. To defend this assertion, it suffices to evoke the role of étale cohomology in the study of the zeta functions of varieties over finite fields through the Weil conjectures, or the cohomological approach to class field theory formulated by Artin and Tate in the 1950's. The theory of motives, a manifestation of a universal cohomology theory attached to algebraic varieties, and the attendant motivic cohomology plays a central role in describing the special values of L-functions of varieties over number fields, via the conjectures of Deligne, Beilinson-Bloch, and Bloch-Kato. Much progress in the Langlands program exploits the fruitful connection between automorphic representations and the cohomology of associated Shimura varieties and more general arithmetic quotients of locally symmetric spaces. The study of special values of L-functions and the Langlands program, widely perceived as two fundamental yet seperate strands of the subject in the early 1990's, were beautifully unified in Wiles' epoch-making proof of the Shimura-Taniyama conjecture, in which this conjecture was reduced to a special instance of the Bloch-Kato conjecture for the symmetric square motive of an elliptic curve. Recent years have seen great strides in our understanding of the cohomology of the arithmetic quotients arising in the study of automorphic representations, spurred in part by the desire to extend the range of applicability of the celebrated Taylor-Wiles method. This has led to new automorphy and potential automorphy results: most spectacularly, perhaps, for abelian surfaces, as well as elliptic curves over general CM fields.

Postdoctoral fellows attached to the thematic semester

Angelica Babei

Lea Beneish

Claire Burrin

Antonio Cauchi

Lennart Gehrmann

Mathilde Gerbelli-Gauthier

Debanjana Kundu

Jacklyn Lang

Pedro Lemos

Jackson Morrow

Bharath Palvanan

Maria-Rosaria Pati

Alice Pozzi

Jishnu Ray

Joel Specter

Salim Tayou

Preliminary list of long term participants

-Patrick Allen (McGill University), August 20-December 20

-Fabrizio Andreatta (Università Statale di Milano), August 27-September 27

-Daniel Barrera (Universidad Chile; Simons scholar), September 1-December 1

-Lea Beneish (CRM-ISM postdoc), August1-December20

-Denis Benois (Instutut de Mahématiques de Bordeaux; Simons Professor), 2 months, TBD  

-Nicolas Bergeron (Université Paris 6 et ENS; Aisenstadt Chair), Two to three weeks around October 19-23

-Ricardo Brasca (Université Paris 6), August 20-December 20

-Pierre Colmez (Université Paris 6; Simons Professor), October 11-December 12

-Henri Darmon (McGill University) August 20-December 20

-Mladen Dimitrov (Université de Lille; Simons Professor), August 23-December 10

-Gerard Freixas (Université Paris 6; Simons Professor), August 1-December 20

-Mathilde Gerbelli-Gauthier (CRM-ISM Postdoc), July 1 - December 20

-Eyal Goren (McGill University), August 20-December 20

-Adrian Iovita (Concordia University), August 20-December 20

-Mahesh Kakde (IISC Bangalore; Simons Professor), September 20-December 12

-Antonio Lei (Université Laval), August 20-December 20 

-Michael Lipnowksi (McGill University), August 20-December 20

-David Loeffler (University of Warwick; Simons Professor), October 15-December 15

-Wieslawa Niziol (École Normale Supérieure de Lyon; Aisenstadt Chair), October 11 -December 12

-Maria-Rosaria Pati (CICMA postdoc) September 1-December 20

-Bernadette Perrin-Riou (Université Paris-Saclay)) September 15-November 15

-Vincent Pilloni ((École Normale Supérieure de Lyon; Simons Professor), August 23-December 15

-Alice Pozzi (Imperial College London) August 1-October13; two weeks in December 20

-Giovanni Rosso (Concordia University), August 20-December 20

-Ehud de Shalit (University of Jerusalem; Simons Professor), August 23-October 31

-Richard Taylor (Stanford University), August 30-September 12; October 18-24; December 6-12.

- Salim Tayou (CICMA postdoc), September 1-December 20

-Jacques Tilouine (Université Paris Nord; Simons Professor), August 23-October 31

-Sarah Zerbes (University College London; Simons Professor), October 15-December 15