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Mini workshop: Hodge Theory, Period Mapping and Local System

Tracing its roots to the classical study of integrals of holomorphic forms along topological cycles, Hodge theory was developed from the perspective of algebraic geometry by Griffiths and Deligne in the 1960s and 1970s.  Since then, it has found deep and wide-ranging applications to the topology, moduli, differential geometry, and arithmetic of algebraic varieties. 

Recent developments have seen a number of exciting breakthroughs related to the interplay between Hodge theory and the geometry and arithmetic of local systems. This mini-workshop is aimed at showcasing some of these developments and serves as a prequel to a full workshop to be held in Montreal in 2021.

Registration for this workshop is free but mandatory via the register tab at the top of the page. When registering, you will receive by email the zoom conference link and the password that will allow you to participate.

The videos of the presentations are available here as well as under the schedule tab at the top of the page