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School postponed to 2022

This three-week summer school addresses the analysis and modeling of the complexity of scale-free dynamics in functions, processes, images and fields…, under the light of several scientific fields, ranging from theoretical and methodological developments to real-world applications. The program will start from harmonic and fractal analysis as developed by mathematicians and will progressively introduce a variety of real-world applications (very different in nature, yet with a focus on neurosciences and neurophysiology towards the end of the workshop) via statistical signal and image processing and computer sciences. The overall objective aims to promote interdisciplinary exchanges with a better and faster transfer of the most recent formal development to applications, and conversely with a better framing of issues constituting deadlocks for actual use in real world data. Focus will also be on large dimensional multivariate and multidimensional data.

To encourage and stimulate interdisciplinarity and cross-fertilization during the summer school, each morning session will be dedicated to a lecture or hands-on session on a specific subject aimed towards PhD students and postdocs. In contrast, the afternoons will be organized in thematic and focused sessions through a series of oral presentations given by experts. The summer school is organized so that there will be a progression from the mathematical foundations of multifractal analysis towards results in real life applications, with a particular emphasis in neurosciences. The school will integrate hands-on sessions to introduce and to promote numerical approaches and software´s for Multifractal analyses of mono and multivariate signals in various domain. Three main sequences will composed the summer school: New Trends in Harmonic and Fractal Analysis, Applied multifractal analyses and numerical solutions for signal processing and Spectral analyses and Scale-free dynamics in Neurosciences.

Financial support

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Photo: © Alison Slattery-Alison

This school is co-sponsored by EURASIP