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The primary aim of this workshop is to provide a venue for academics to meet and discuss their latest research topics in the broad area of insurance mathematics and its related disciplines (e.g. mathematical finance, applied probability and statistics, quantitative risk management). The workshop is intended to cover a broad scope of research interests in the general area of actuarial science. In this year's edition some emphasis will be put on new technologies and their impact in the insurance sector.

As for the first four editions at UQAM, University of Toronto, Laval University and University of Waterloo, one of the main objectives of this workshop is to give the opportunity to the up-and-coming researchers in various local institutions (notably, Quebec and Ontario) to promote their research program and facilitate their integration into the actuarial academic community. Canada has been known for years to be a stronghold of the actuarial science profession with many high-profile academics among its ranks. The workshop also intends to stimulate interaction and scientific collaboration, and foster relations of an academic and professional nature among the actuarial science groups in notably the Quebec-Ontario area as well as outside of these two provinces.

A satellite workshop on ruin theory is organized on Thursday, February 22nd. See the website for more details.