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Geometric analysis has seen several major developments in recent years. Some of the most spectacular breakthroughs were made in the last decade and include Perelman's work on Hamilton's Ricci flow and his resolution of the Poincaré conjecture and Thurston's geometrization conjecture; Brendle's resolution of the Lawson conjecture; the Differentiable Sphere theorem by Schoen and Brendle; and Marques and Neves' resolution of the Willmore conjecture. It is an ideal time to bring together mathematicians in this area to learn more about the achievements of others, foster collaboration, and enable new breakthroughs.

The workshop will focus on prominent current areas of geometric analysis including, but not limited to, geometric evolution equations, minimal surfaces, conformal geometry, complex structures and Kähler geometry, and applications to relativity. An important theme in this area has been the development and use of sophisticated techniques from the theory of partial differential equations to study natural equations that arise in geometry.