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Methods and statistical reasoning play an important role in the advancement of knowledge. Whether it be through surveys or socio-economic indicator measurements, clinical trials to compare biomedical treatments or the study of survival of animal population in ecology, statistics is ubiquitous in sciences. Statistics has been undergoing a revolution in its techniques and its approaches, driven by the processing of huge and ever increasing complex data sets, but also by the advent of powerful computers.

For example, statistical science is now tackling complex problems such as the analysis of brain images or genome data. New methods are being developed, such as data mining to process very large data sets.

The statistics laboratory of the CRM provides structure to the Quebec statistics community to engage in this revolution at a time of an important renewal of academic personnel. The laboratory is composed of leaders of the Québec school of statistics who work on subjects such as statistical learning and neural networks, survey sampling, analysis of functional data, statistical analysis of images, dependence structures, Bayesian analysis, analysis of time series and financial data, as well as resampling methods.

The event is an opportunity to meet CRM Statistics Laboratory members and to exchange with them on their research.

NOTICE: Registration is free but mandatory.