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The goal of the 2016 CRM Summer School in Quebec City is to prepare students for research involving spectral theory. The school will give an overview of a selection of topics from spectral theory, interpreted in a broad sense. It will cover topics from pure and applied mathematics, each of which will be presented in a 5-hour mini-course by a leading expert. These lectures will be complemented by supervised computer labs and exercise sessions. At the end of the school, invited speakers will give specialized talks. This rich subject intertwines several sub-disciplines of mathematics, and it will be especially beneficial to students. The subject is also very timely, as spectral theory is witnessing major progresses both in its mathematical sub-disciplines and in its applications to technology and science in general.

The school is intended to advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students. As such, the prerequisites will be kept at a minimum, and review material will be provided a few weeks before the event.

The full program including the shorter talks schedule will be announced later.

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