Liste des affiches

1. Mohamed Amine Remita, Ahmed Halioui, Abou Abdallah Malick, Diouara, Bruno Daigle, Golrokh Kiani, Abdoulaye Baniré Diallo CASTOR: A machine learning approach for generic viral genome classification

2. Safa Jammali, Esaie Kuitche, Ayoub Rachati, François Bélanger Aida Ouangraoua
Aligning coding sequences with frameshift extension penalties

3. Kiani Golrokh, Mohamed Amine Remita, Abdoulaye Baniré Diallo
In silico approach to identify evolutionary breakpoints and their associations with cancer rearrangements on human genomes

4. Maryam Hayati, Emre Erhan, Leonid Chindelevitch
Exploring Methods for Ancestral Reconstruction

5. Pavel Avdeyev, Shuai Jiang, Sergey Aganezov, Fei Hu, Max A. Alekseyev
Reconstruction of ancestral genomes in presence of gene gain and loss

6. Atefeh Mohajeri Moghaddam, Louis-Philip Benoit Bouvrette, Jérôme Waldispühl, Eric Lécuyer, Mathieu Blanchette
Bioinformatic Approaches to Elucidate the Messenger RNA Subcellular Localization Code

7. James Bodzay, Mathieu Blanchette
Probabilistic Inference of Ancient Genomes

8. Diego P. Rubert, Pedro Feijao, Marilia D. V. Braga, Jens Stoye, Fabio V. Martinez
A Linear Time Approximation Algorithm for the DCJ Distance for Genomes with Bounded Number of Duplicate

9. David Becerra, Zheng Dai, Shu Haykawa, Jérôme Waldisp&utrem;hl
Predicting Protein Folding Pathways using Ensemble Modeling and Genomic Variations

10. David Becerra, Caroline Bushdid, Jean-Baptiste Cheron, Jerome Golebiowski, Sébastien Fiorucci, Jérôme Waldispühl
A co-evolution-based algorithm to characterize protein residues leading to disease when disrupted by mutations

11. Ngoc Vinh Tran, Holger Bergmann, Ingo Ebersberger
HamFAS, a functional annotation transfer tool based on feature-aware orthology inference

12. Eyla Willing and Jens Stoye
On the Difficulty of the General Inversion-indel Distance

13. Manuel Lafond, Cedric Chauve, Nadia El-Mabrouk, Aida Ouangraoua
Gene Tree Construction and Correction using SuperTree and Reconciliation

14. Carlos G. Oliver, Vladimir Reinharz, Jérôme Waldisp&utrem;hl
Evolutionary dynamics of RNA replicators under GC- content bias

15. M. Kyriakidou, H. Majithia, L.O. Vodkin, M.V. Strömvik
A genome-wide search for the molecular basis of an atypical compound leaf phenotype in soybean

16. Tina Zekic, Roland Wittler, Faraz Hach, Jens Stoye
Core Genome Extraction from a Colored de Bruijn Graph

17. Radka Symonovà, Zuzana Majtànovà, Lenin Arias-Rodriguez, Libor Mořkovsk&ygrave;, Tereza Kořnìkový, Lionel Cavin, Martina Johnson Pokornà, Marie Doležàlkovà, Martin Flajšhans, Petr Ràb
Molecular Cytogenomics in Gars

18. Nina Luhmann, Daniel Doerr, Cedric Chauve
Improved assemblies and comparison of two ancient Yersinia pestis genomes

19. J.H. Gàlvez, C.Y. Tang, X. Zhu,H.H. Tai, J.N.A. Soto, D. Ellis, M.V. Strömvik
Copy number variation analysis and genome assembly of two potato landraces (Solanum tuberosum L. and Solanum stenotomum Juz. et Bukasov) reveal significant structural variation

20. Carla Cummins
Genome-wide assessment of ortholog quality in Ensembl

21. Tizian Schultz, Jens Stoye
Spatial Gene Clusters

22. Juliana Soto-Girón, Juan C. Castro, Luis M. Rodriguez-R, Konstantinos T. Konstantinidis
An ANI-based approach to quantify recent intra-population gene exchange among bacterial genomes

23. Virginie Calderon, Emmanuel Noutahi, Mathieu Blanchette, Nadia El-Mabrouk, Franz B. Lang
CoreTracker: New sequence-based method to predict codon reassignments

24. Emmanuel Noutahi, Nadia El-Mabrouk
A simple genetic algorithm to correctly label the leaves of a reconciled gene tree