Saturday August 24    
Schedule Chair Session Speaker Title
8h50-9h   Opening Remarks Nadia El-Mabrouk  
9h-9h15   David Celebration Anne Bergeron  
9h20-10h John Kececioglu Retrospective and Prospective Gene Myers What's behind Blast
    views on Computational Biology    
10h-10h30   Coffee Break    
10h30-10h55   Evolutionary Genomics David Bryant Forty years of model-based phylogeography
11h-11h25   Evolutionary Genomics Laxmi Parida Genetic history of populations: limits to inference
11h30-11h55   Evolutionary Genomics Liqing Zhang Status of research on insertion and deletion variations in the human population
12h-12h25   Evolutionary Genomics Miklos Csuros How to infer ancestral genome features by parsimony?
12h30-14h   Lunch    
14h-14h40 Mathieu Blanchette Retrospective and Prospective Tandy Warnow Large-scale multiple sequence alignment and phylogeny estimation
    views on Computational Biology    
14h45-14h55   David Celebration Joe Felsenstein  
15h-15h30   Coffee Break    
15h30-15h55   Evolutionary Genomics Bernard Moret Rearrangements in phylogenetic inference: Compare, model, or encode?
16h-16h25   Evolutionary Genomics Jens Lagergren Modelling somatic evolution in cancer
16h30-16h55   Evolutionary Genomics John Kececioglu Parameter Advising for Multiple Sequence Alignment
17h-19h   Poster session    
19h30   Evening meal    
Sunday August 25    
Schedule Chair Session Speaker Title
9h-9h30 David Bryant David Celebration David Sankoff Fractionation, rearrangement, consolidation, reconstruction
9h30-10h20   Retrospective and Prospective Joseph H. Nadeau Remembrance of things past: Epigenetic inheritance of phenotypic variation and disease risk
    views on Computational Biology    
10h20-10h50   Coffee break    
10h50-11h15   Evolutionary Genomics Aoife McLysaght Gene dosage sensitivity and copy number evolution
11h20-11h45   Evolutionary Genomics Eric Lyons/Victor Albert Comparative analysis of the minute genome of the humper bladderwort, Utricularia gibba
11h50-12h15   Evolutionary Genomics Tao Jiang Separating Metagenomic Reads into Genomes via Clustering
12h20-14h   Lunch    
14h-14h40 Guillaume Bourque Retrospective and Prospective Pavel Pevzner What is the difference between breakpoint graphs and de Bruijn graphs?
    views on Computational Biology    
14h45-14h55   David Celebration Jotun Hein  
15h-15h30   Coffee break    
15h30-15h55   Evolutionary Genomics Dannie Durand The Trouble with Triples
16h-16h25   Evolutionary Genomics J. Meidanis/S. Yancopoulos The emperor has no caps! A comparison of DCJ and Algebraic distances
16h30-16h55   Evolutionary Genomics Binhai Zhu A Restrospective on Genomic Preprocessing for Comparative Genomics.
17h-19h   Poster session    
19h   Banquet    
Monday August 26    
Schedule   Session Speaker Title
8h45-9h25 Laxmi Parida Retrospective and Prospective Ron Shamir Vodka Ad: Sniff" and other rearrangements
    views on Computational Biology    
9h30-9h55   Evolutionary Genomics Olga Troyanskaya Understanding gene function across organisms with functional networks
9h55-10h25   Coffee break    
10h25-10h50   Evolutionary Genomics Jens Stoye The potential of family-free genome comparison
10h55-11h20   Evolutionary Genomics Louxin Zhang Non-binary tree reconciliation
11h25-11h50   Evolutionary Genomics Mathieu Blanchette Chromatin organization and genome rearrangements
11h50-12h   Closing remarks Cˇdric Chauve  
12h-13h   Lunch    
13h30   Departure