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The conference will focus on the current impact of Floer homology methods in low-dimensional topology. In recent years, the interactions between geometric, contact and symplectic topology and the many types of Floer homologies have proved very successful in solving outstanding questions in low-dimensional topology, and there are signs that more breakthroughs will occur in the near future. This event will bring together leading experts working in these related areas, but also a special emphasis will be put on the invitation of up-and-coming researchers and graduate students, some of whom will have attended the SMS summer school on the mathematics and physics of knot homologies.

Confirmed invited speakers (partial list)

Stefan Bauer (Universität Bielefeld), Vincent Colin (Université de Nantes), John Etnyre (Georgia Institute of Technology), Paolo Ghiggini (CNRS et Université de Nantes), Matthew Hedden (Michigan State University), Ko Honda (University of Southern California), Michael Hutchings (UC Berkeley), Yi-Jen Lee (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), Ciprian Manolescu (Columbia University), Lenhard L. Ng (Duke University), Jacob Rasmussen (University of Cambridge), Nikolai Saveliev (University of Miami), Clifford Taubes (Harvard University), Christopher Woodward (Rutgers University)