Sage is a mathematics software package, developed by and for the mathematics community. It aims to become a viable alternative to commercial software packages on the basis of an open-source model. As part of the process of developing Sage and attracting new users and developers, several Sage Days conferences have been held around the world. These events include a combination of mathematical talks, tutorials, demonstrations of Sage functionality as well as time spent on Sage development.

This workshop will be a 5-day intensive workshop to develop and implement algorithms for research in algebraic combinatorics and the representation theory of finite dimensional algebras. All software developed during the workshop will be made freely available, together with the source code, as part of Sage. Any sufficiently novel algorithms developed during the workshop will be submitted for publication.


The workshop will consist of mathematical presentations, presentations on Sage and coding sprints. The mathematical presentations will include talks introducing the relevant mathematics for the entire audience and more advanced talks for interested participants. The Sage presentations will begin with introductory tutorials and progress to more advanced topics, including software development in Sage. There will be ample time allotted for design discussions and coding sprints to implement the developed algorithms.

Who should attend?

A specific goal of the workshop is to provide a venue for faculty, graduate students and undergraduate students to learn more about the software. This will make it accessible to researchers at all levels, even those without any prior experience with Sage. Since it will be held in May, it is an excellent opportunity for undergraduate students embarking on summer research projects and graduate students looking to incorporate scientific computation into their research projects.