Infinite dimensional Lie algebras have been studied in physical contexts for over 60 years. The advent of Kac-Moody theory in the late 1960s and its connections with conformal geometry has led to an explosion of mathematical interest in the field, which now includes applications and links to modular forms, singularity theory, soliton equations, Galois cohomology, crystal bases, integrable systems, and quantum groups, among many other topics.

The main goal of this CRM workshop is to provide a forum for discussion of recent advances in infinite dimensional Lie theory, with a view towards identifying promising new directions of research and fostering collaborations between participants from the Ontario-Québec region and further afield.

Invited speakers will give one hour lectures on current research from a variety of perspectives, including vertex algebras, quantum groups, cluster algebras, and direct limit algebras, as well as the geometry and combinatorics of Kac-Moody algebras and conformal field theory. Talks will be interspersed with time for informal discussions, with the expectation that participants will work together on new problems of mutual interest.